Pink rectangles of wisdom and wonder

image of pink piece of "Thought Bubble Gum""Thought Bubble Gum" began as the Green Bag's solution to the problem of appropriate gum to accompany our Supreme Court Sluggers trading cards. We wanted to include gum in our old-fashioned, baseball-style trading card packets, but we lacked the resources (and probably the courage) to deal with regulators and consumers of food. And so we settled on confections for the mind, not the mouth. Look for them inside some packages of Supreme Court Sluggers cards, and perhaps in the company of other products as well.

It will come as no surprise that we make no promises about when we will make new pieces of Thought Bubble Gum or who will get them. And of course, no one is entitled to Thought Bubble Gum. We will arbitrarily and capriciously give it away.

The gum

• TBG series 1, number 1 (2009)

• TBG series 1, number 2 (2009)

• TBG series 1, number 3 (2010)

• TBG series 1, number 4 (2011)

• TBG series 1, number 5 (2011)

• TBG series 1, number 6 (2011)

• TBG series 1, number 7 (2012)

• TBG series 1, number 8 (2012)

• TBG series 1, number 9 (2013)

• TBG series 1, number 10 (2016)

• TBG series 1, number 11 (2016)

• TBG series 2, number 1 (2018)

• TBG series 2, number 2 (2019)

• TBG series 2, number 3 (2020)

• TBG series 2, number 4 (2020)

• TBG series 2, number 5 (2023) (heads) (tails)

Other thoughts about bubble gum

Once we started chewing on the concept of Thought Bubble Gum, we realized that having freed ourselves from the bonds of sugary slices of apparent cardboard, there was no particular reason to limit ourselves on matters of subject matter, scale, or materials. (For example, the piece of TBG on our homepage is a fridge magnet.) There is more and bigger, if not tastier or more tasteful, to come. Indeed, one flavor of giant pink softness has arrived. See 1 TBG 10 (2016).