Extravagant Green Bag subscribers get four extra goodies per year, some useful, some entertaining, some both (and, alas, some neither, for folks whose preferences exceed our limited creativity and other capacities). See, e.g.:

• Gift-wrap maps: When Justice Began at Home (colorful e-versions: 1 and 2)

• Re-readings: volume II (book)

• Single-Sheet Classic no. 5: The Musgrave Ritual (map)

• Supreme Court Sluggers: John Jay (trading card)

• Gift-wrap maps: Evarts Act Day

• Single-Sheet Classic no. 3: The Reigate Puzzle (map)

Thought Bubble Gum: series 1, no. 11 (sticker)

Supreme Court Sluggers: First Four (trading cards)

Re-readings: volume I (book)

• Genuine Green Bag #1: “SOX-Safe” fish (bag)

Thought Bubble Gum: series 1, no. 10 (beach towel)