Green Bag puzzles

Our puzzles, like most of our products, are not for sale. We give many of them to our Extravagant subscribers, though we do not promise that any particular puzzle will go to everyone, and some puzzles go to other folks. For example, puzzle #2 went mostly to subscribers to our Baker Street Almanac in 2022. Puzzles have turned out to be great fun for us to make and, it seems, for the large contingent of puzzlers among our readers to solve. So, expect more. Here are some pictures of the ones we've made so far:

puzzle number 3 - challenge coins

Puzzle #3

puzzle number 2 - Sherlock Holmes on the train in The Adventure of the Abbey Grange

Puzzle #2

puzzle number 1 - circus poster

Puzzle #1 (learn more from Gregory F. Jacob here)

If you get a puzzle, we hope you enjoy assembling it as much as we enjoyed making it.