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The Green Bag, An Entertaining Journal of Law is our flagship publication. It is a quarterly journal of short, readable, useful, and sometimes entertaining legal scholarship. Please click here to subscribe or renew. Much Green Bag content is available here.

The Green Bag Almanac & Reader is our annual collection of exemplary legal writing and useful and entertaining tidbits for lawyers. To learn more, please click here.

The Journal of Law, A Periodical Laboratory of Legal Scholarship appears one or two or three times per year. It is dedicated to the development of new, unorthodox publishing projects, including: The Journal of Legal Metrics, Chapter One, The Post, and New Voices. You can learn more here.

Re-readings, Good Writing You Have Probably Read Before and Will Enjoy Reading Again is just that: a little anthology of good old writing. A volume rolls off the presses roughly once every 12 months and most copies go to our extravagant subscribers. You can learn more about extravagance here.

The Baker Street Almanac is our best effort to cater to the enthusiasm many of our readers have shown for the world created by Arthur Conan Doyle and occupied by Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. You can learn more about it here.

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The Green Bag Press is home to a variety of occasional and one-time publications, including:

• Cynthia Rapp's In-Chambers Opinions by the Justices of the Supreme Court,

• Judge David B. Sentelle's Judge Dave and the Rainbow People,

• Bennett Boskey's The Joys of Lawyering, and

• irresistible gems such as Brainerd Currie's Quidsome Balm.

Some Press products are available for free in pdf, here.